Independent Repair Provider

What does that mean? How are you affected? Let's find out.

What is an Independent Repair Provider?

Independent Repair Provider status is given by Apple to companies who have been Approved by Apple and employ only Trained and Certified Apple Technicians. 


Why is that important?

When you arrange a service with G2 Electronic Repairs we can guarantee that your device will remain fully functional as it was intended too when Apple manufactured it. Not only that, but every Apple device serviced by G2 Electronic Repairs uses genuine iPhone parts sourced from Apple. We use Apple diagnostics, tools, and repair processes to make sure your iPhone repair is done safely and reliably. Repair shops that are not Apple Independent Repair Providers, Apple Authorized Service Providers or an Official Apple Store cannot gain access to genuine parts or diagnostics, as such they cannot guarantee your device will remain functional after repair.

Why should I be concerned who my device goes too?

Not only can we guarantee your device will remain functional as it was intended too, we also follow strict privacy and data protective procedures in line with Apple's policies to ensure a safe, customer-driven experience from start to finish.

What is our relationship with Apple?

Independent Repair Providers are not not be confused with an Apple Authorized Service Providers or Official Apple Stores. We are Independent Contractors Certified by Apple to do out of warranty repairs using genuine parts sourced directly from Apple. We are allowed to use Apple diagnostics and tools to ensure our repairs are as of the same quality of Apple Service Providers. 

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