COVID-19 Sterilization process at G2 Electronic Repairs

To protect ourselves and our customers, G2 Electronic Repairs has implemented new procedures.

When you bring


When we send


When you bring in your device

G2 Electronic Repairs has implemented some new procedures for greeting customers and receiving devices before repair:

  1. Technicians have been instructed not to shake hands and maintain the social distancing standards. 

  2. Technicians will receive devices only wearing gloves and disinfect them shortly after reception. Our technicians will not directly speak face-to-face with our customers and remain behind the reception glass. You will be instructed to leave the device on the reception desk.

  3. After repair, devices will be disinfected, sealed in a sterile bag and stored inside a sanitary environment before you pick-up the device. The bag will be disinfected once more and handled by technicians wearing gloves and a mask when returning them to you. 

  4. Technicians will encourage using our contactless payment processor at reception (Apple Pay, G Pay, Paywave e.t.c.) if you are unable to do so, the technician will ask you to read aloud your card number for manual entry. Cash transactions are accepted and technicians will take all necessary precautions when handling cash.


When we send your device

In addition to the procedures introduced when greeting customers at our storefront we have revised our sterilization process before sending your device back to you:

  1. Technicians after successfully servicing your product will thoroughly disinfect the device and will be sealed into a sterile bag. The bag and device it contains will be stored in a sanitary environment until shipment.

  2. Our Technicians before shipment will once more disinfect the bag and place into the appropriate shipping box.

Want more detail into the process?

Contact us for more information.

*G2 Electronic Repairs cannot guarantee that your device upon delivery will have remained sterile through the shipping process. While we are taking every effort to protect our customers, G2 Electronic Repairs cannot be held liable for any bacteria after leaving our shop. We encourage you to wear all appropriate protective equipment when handling your device after shipment and disinfecting before use.